RPG Circus

Somehow, I managed to forget to post the last few items I’ve had up. If you regularly look here for updates, I’m sorry about that. I’ve got an exciting project launching within the next week, that’s been taking a lot of my time.

Back on the 18th, the Silver Samurai launched on StufferShack. Its a fully fleshed out hero datafile, for those who continue the events after breakout.

I’ve also been on two new episodes of RPG Circus: Into the the Unknown, Again! and Avengers Assemble?. Regular listeners will note I missed the last episode due to an unfortunate intrusion of Real Life. I’ll be back this week, and we have a very special guest, so tune in!

The Gamer Assembly has decided to stop posting game content on its blog. We all have other blogs that we work on, and we decided that we just didn’t want to have so much of our time divided. Fans of Modern Assembly will see the project continue on StufferShack.com!


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