Cybermen, Desert Islands, Guns and Dragons!

Here’s a Brian post round up that goes all over the game world.

First off, Cybermen for Marvel Heroic. This was a request for one of our readers and I think there’s a lot you can do with it. You can pair it with my Doctor datafile for some timey wimey goodness.

While we’re talking at Marvel Heroic why don’t you listen to the latest episode of RPG Circus where we discuss our top five desert island games. Marvels on the list and so is D&D 4e.

Speaking of D&D 4e, I’ve released the beta doc of my Modern Assembly rules module. You can download it for free, and please do. I’d love to hear people’s feedback.

I’m using those same rules in my home game right now. I think I might use Google+ as a personal blog for things like that. It seems a goof place for it. Here’s a brief look at what I’m doing on own game table.


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