Ace Adventure, Thursday Night Secret Game!

This Game is Full.

It’s so secret I’m putting it on the internet. I haven’t been updating this space with all the work that I’ve released. If you’re looking for my latest blog post or Urban Dressing supplement, I’m sorry this isn’t it.

If you want a game to play Thursday night at GenCon, this is it!

The Game: Ace Adventure and the Flying Royal Flush

The System: Fate Accelerated Edition (you dont need to know the system)

The Story: In an alternate 1920s, life is DecoPunk. Everything is possible and Dr. Rosalind King works with a team of test pilots and adventures in a Boston based lab on many new technologies. When a giant mutant turtle attacks Providence, Rhode Island can Ace and his Flying Royal Flush discover the truth before it attacks a real city! (I kid Providence. You’re very lovely).

Looking for about 6 players, Thursday Night, at 7 or 8 (im flexible). Tweet me or reply here if you want in!

1. Stefanie Slamon

2. Anna Walker

3. Randall Walker

4-6. Jake Fitch +James +Robert

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