Random Assault, PAX East and RPG Circus

Lots of things happening this week. I was on the Random Assault Podcast. It is not safe for work nor a grand example of human decency.

The new blog, The Gamer Effect, has launched. I’ve got an article up there already detailing my grand time at PAX East.

There’s also a new RPG Circus where we talk about Gaming Accessories, PC Changes, and evil wizards.


Temples, Beasts and Charity

Urban Dressing Temples is out! It’s my favorite of the Urban Dressing line so far.

The Midgard Bonus Bestiary for 4e is also out. It contains some of my favorite creatures  that didn’t make the main book for all sort of reasons besides pure awesome.

Finally, make sure you check out Pulp! this week, if you were planning to pick it up soon. Sales until Tuesday go to the RedCross.

Alleyways and Circus Tents

Urban Dressing: Alleyways is the latest in my Urban Dressing series from Raging Swan Press. If you’ve seen any of the previous pieces you know what to expect: awesome charts  with random descriptions, odd opportunities and compelling NPCs. This one also has a Random Encounter table because I mean. . . fights happen in alleys.

A new RPG Circus also dropped where we talk about Storing Your Gaming Stuff, Acting in Gaming, and maps we need!