If you want to contact me, and I don’t mind if you do, there are several ways to do so.

Twitter: @BrianLiberge
Google+: +Brian Liberge
Facebook: bliberge
LinkedIn: Brian Liberge
I’m not always active  on Google+ and Facebook but if you send me a message I will get notified.
I hang around a few forums from time to time as well. I’m ScorpiusRisk on Enworld and BrianLiberge on KoboldQuarterly and LoreMaster.
You’ll also find me in DnD chat, pretty often. It’s an irc chatroom, hosted by the GamerAssembly. You’ll find it using any irc client using the server and the room #gamerassembly. The fine folks at DailyEncounter even set up a convenient imbedded tab, or you can just click here to launch mibbit.

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