Monsters to threaten your PCs through all tiers of play.

[11/30/2012] Cyberman StufferShack The evil semi-robotic overlords from Doctor Who, by reader request. [MarvelRPG]

[8/5/2012] Blob and Toad StufferShack Two members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants to torment your heroes. [MarvelRPG]

[7/6/2012] Apocalypse StufferShack En Sabur Nur will crush your players! [MarvelRPG]

[6/22/2012] Magneto Editable Datafile StufferShack The master of magnetism himself. [MarvelRPG]

[6/22/2012] Juggernaut and Diamond Lil StufferShack Two new rough a tumble mutant NPCs. [MarvelRPG]

[6/20/2012] Mystique and Layla Miller StufferShack Two new House of M mutants! [MarvelRPG]

[5/14/2012] Madame Hydra and the Hand StufferShack The long lived super agent backed by a mob of demonic ninjas. [MarvelRPG]

[12/28/2011] Weeping Angels – Steal This Monster StufferShack The Weeping Angels from Doctor Who are re-imagined as Far Realm monstrosities. [4e]

[12/7/2011] Rollin the Hunter StufferShack An epic level werewolf with inspiration from Kobold Quarterly #19! [4e]

[10/3/2011] Amazon Spider KoboldQuarterly A giant spider, for the paragon tier, who is sure to be memorable. [4e]

[7/4/2011] Suvimal StufferShack An epic level, solo primordial. [4e]

[5/23/2011] Cybermen StufferShack Those lovable killing machines from Doctor Who now killing your PCs! [4e]

[4/16/2011] Calis, Avian Demon StufferShack Chicken demons of Pazuzu. . . what? [4e]

[4/13/2011] Larva Nethermancer StufferShack A new version of the Larva Mage that should pose a more dynamic threat to your PCs. [4e]

[3/30/2011] Sahuagin Eel Lord StufferShack An updated version of my previous Eel Lord in the newer MM3 style and with more story. [4e]

[2/10/2011] King Lizard StufferShack Large and powerful lizardman, capable of uniting several tribes and threatening the PCs on his own. [4e]

[2/9/2011] Blackscale Tribal Fury StufferShack An update of my previous tribal fury with suggested pairings and far more story. [4e]

[2/8/2011] Greenscale Warrior StufferShack An update of my previous warrior with suggested pairings and far more story. [4e]

[1/17/2011] Kobold Clawscrapper StufferShack Kobolds who dig, climb and dive! [4e]

[1/15/2011] Dragonbone Wight StufferShack Late epic brutes that can really scare your PCs. They make great assistants to a draco-lich. [4e]

[1/7/2011] Tombsown, Immortal Guardian StufferShack Immortal dwarves protect your ancient dungeons against low paragon PCs. [4e]

[9/20/2010] Spectral Wolf KoboldQuarterly A ghostly wolf, adept at moving in and out of combat. [4e]

[7/16/2010] Celestial War Paladin Free Orcs Orcs from the Astral Sea come beaming down to challenge your players. [4e]

[7/7/2010] Duergar Enemies Free Orcs New Duergar enemies using the suggested new racial power. [4e]

[7/2/2010] Orc Demon-Pacted Free Orcs A ranged orc with dark ties to the abyss. [4e]

[7/1/2010] Dragonborn True Warrior Free Orcs Lower Paragon minions to represent a strong tribe of dragonborn. [4e]

[6/30/2010] Energy Motes Free Orcs Simple beings of energy to harass early heroic PCs. [4e]

[11/10/2009] Sahuagin Eel Lord Free Orcs A new aquatic controller for late heroic battles. [4e]

[9/28/2009] Hill Giants and Guardians Free Orcs A new solo hill giant good for a boss against heroic PCs and a pair of early Paragon threats. [4e]

[8/25/2009] Orc Chain Fighter Free Orcs A new heroic orc that keeps foes within range. [4e]

[8/25/2009] Greenscale Lizardfolk Free Orcs A minion and Elite Skirmisher to help fill out the early lizardfolk options. [4e]

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