Adventures and Encounters

Single encounters of whole adventures. Just add PCs.

[5/3/2013] Pulp! from the Public Damage: Romeo and Juliet Part 2 StufferShack Prologue and Encounter 1. [Pulp!]

[4/24/2013] Pulp! from the Public Domain – Romeo and Juliet, Part 1 StufferShack Laying out the Player Characters [Pulp!]

[6/15/2012] House of M Milestones StufferShack Milestones and notes for running House of M. [MarvelRPG]

[5/31/2011] Negotiations at the Temple of Blood StufferShack A level 22 encounter where the PCs have to bargain with a fully statted vampire lord. [4e]

[4/29/2011] The Challenge of Asmodeus StufferShack A level 30 one shot adventure. Great for testing endgame content or just blowing off some steam. [4e]

[2/11/2011] Ambush on the Old Marsh Road StufferShack An encounter with map, using some of my earlier Lizardfolk with some from the Monster Manual. [4e]

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