Where you can listen to me speak, without having to tire your eyes reading.

[5/29/2013] May the Greater Force be with Your Sandbox! RPG Circus Greater Forces in Your Sandbox Campaign, Diceless Gamemastering and Favorite Monsters: Golems.

[5/24/2013] VIDEO: Tabletop System Wars at PAX East 2013 The Gamer Effect The other panel from PAX East where we take the ideas from audience members and fight about it.

[5/17/2013] The Devils are in the Details RPG Circus Favorite Monsters : Devils, Kickstarter : The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly and Listener Emails

[5/3/2013] VIDEO: Worldbuilding 101 Panel at PAX East 2013 The Gamer Effect Members of The Gamer Assembly present an hour-long talk about building your own worlds for tabletop role playing games at PAX East 2013. Join us online (http://webchat.gamerassembly.net) to talk with us.

[4/17/2013] How do we Accessorize? RPG Circus Can we have too many gaming accessories?, How easy should it be to change a character in a game? and Favorite Monsters: Wizards/Sorcerers

[4/16/2013] Random Assault 083: Pulp Fact! Random Assault Not safe for work ramblings that sometimes include Pulp! the RPG.

[4/2/2013] Orcs or Orks? RPGCircus Favorite Monsters Series: Orcs, PAX East Report, Things We Can Do To Make the Game World More Engaging

[4/1/2013] Pulp! The RPG Jennisodes Where I talk to Jenn about all the nonsense I do.

[3/19/2013] Our Own Inner Thespian RPGCircus Storing Your Gaming Stuff, Acting in Gaming and Maps, The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

[3/12/2013] Haste w/ Guest Host Brian Liberge Haste Pulp!, Free Dungeon Maps, and Martial Healing in D&DNext.

[3/6/2013] 1d4 Con in the House RPGCircus Interview with James Winfield about 1d4Con and Starting Conventions, House Rules, The Good the Bad and the Ugly and Listener Feedback

[2/20/2013] So you want to be a Freelancer! RPGCircus The Confusion of Too Many Versions, Basic Freelancing Tips and Cyberpunk Type Games

[2/6/2013] The Band Stopped, So Why Are We Still marching? RPGCircus Physical Game Aids, How to notice that your Game is losing Steam, and special guest Kaitlyn Peavler

[1/23/2013] Who’s Afraid of Character Death RPGCircus Not Being Afraid of Character Death, Getting Campaign Information Out to Players

[1/9/2013] A Story Within a Story RPGCircus Interview with Joe Wetzel of Inkwell Ideas, Brian’s first Game System Jump, Character Sheets

[12/26/2012] Semi-Pro Ball RPGCircus Our Take on Mongoose’s State of the Mongoose and The line between Amateur and Profession RPG Writers.

[12/5/2012] The Professor, Mary Ann, and RPGs RPGCircus Our Top 5 Deserted Island RPGS.

[11/21/2012] System Merry-Go-Round RPGCircus Switching Systems for the Same Game, Bystanders, Police, and other Background Characters and Kickstarter vs FLGS.

[10/24/2012] Did I Wound You? RPGCircus Hit Points vs Wounds and Too Much Fantasy.

[10/10/2012] Random Assault Covers the Boston Festival of Indie Games Part 2 Random Assault Listen to my interview for the first glimpse of Pulp! in playtest. [Pulp!]

[10/10/2012] Yes, No, Maybe RPGCircus The Difference Between Saying Yes and Building Story and Do Clothes Make the NPC?

[9/26/2012] Death Love Doom and other Oddities RPGCircus James Raggi Interview and What games to use introduce new players to RPGs.

[9/12/2012] Modify This! RPGCircus Who Should Be Bring New People Into the RPG Hobby, Modifiers and Scale and Maiming a Character.

[8/28/2012] You got Initiative RPGCircus ENnie Award Winners (and how our predictions stacked up), Initiative, and Convention Etiquette (or how Jeff likes to Rant).

[8/14/2012] Heroic Savage GURPS RPGCircus GURPS,Savage Worlds, and Hero System Comparison, Game Selection for a Convention and the Difference between a one-shot game and a Campaign game.

[8/1/2012] And the Winner Will Be. . . RPGCircus We discuss the Enies nominations and make our predictions.

[7/31/2012] Let’s Play. . . Fiasco! Gamer Assembly A video recording of us playing Fiasco. I apologize to those who are more Irish than myself. [Fiasco]

[7/18/2012] I Smash It with my +1 Mace RPGCircus Review of Pathfinder Advanced Race Guide, Should Magic Items be part of a PC power level and How to handle Discovery of Magic Items.

[7/10/2012] Session 76, Midgard Bestiary Interview Going Last News, Music, Local Happenings, and and interview with myself and Rich Green.

[7/4/2012] A Rose by Any Other Name RPGCircus Virtual Tabletop Software, Simple vs Complicated Monsters and Character Names.

[7/2/2012] Haste Episode 51 Haste I’m interviewed about the Midgard Bestiary for 4e. We also discuss the D&D 3.5 reprints and Project Ninja Panda Taco.

[6/20/2012] It hits you in the Arm RPGCircus Hit Locations and Narrative Combat, Ignoring the Math When Creating Content, and How 3D Printers may change gaming.

[6/6/2012] Your Prep is Waiting For You RPGCircus Interview with Phil Vecchione Author of Never Unprepared, Our First Impressions of DnDNext, and the Midgard Bestiary for 4e!

[5/9/2012] Avengers Assemble? RPGCircus Pros and Cons of the Superhero Genre, Looking Back at The Morrow Project and Breaking the Game.

[4/25/2012] Into the Unknown, Again! RPGCircus Marvel Superheroes and Framing the Scene, Leveling and keeping the Unknown andCan Generic or Frameworks work well for all things?

[4/11/2012] It’s a Fantasy Trip RPGCircus PAX East in review, and Why does Fantasy have the Lion’s Share of Players.

[3/29/2012] It’s a Con, Con, Con RPGCircus Where we discuss conventions at length.

[3/14/2012] It’s All Narrative! RPGCircus Dave A. Hargrave & Arduin, and the Narrative Combat of the Marvel RPG.

[2/29/2012] Dungeons and Dragons 5ed Wishes RPGCircus Our Hopes and Desires for Dungeons and Dragons 5 edition.

[2/8/2012] It’s Pony Time RPGCircus Interview with Geoffrey McKinney, talked about Why a GM may say No and discussed the benefits of My Little Pony.

[2/1/2012] But it’s Invisible Math RPGCircus We discuss Unusual Races, Invisible Math Behind the Levels, and a little bit of the History of Traveller.

[1/11/2012] And then there was 5e? RPGCircus Where I get a bit argumentative with my co-hosts, discussing the next edition of D&D, especially after learning one had not played 4e, and the other hadn’t even looked at it.

[11/30/2011] We are a Community! RPGCircus Community Involvement in RPGs, Time Keeping In RPG Games and Why are there not a lot of Puzzles in Adventures.

[10/27/2011] How to train your Dungeon Master? RPGCircus Heroic Monsters, Curses and How to Help Train a New Game Master.

[10/6/2011] Dungeons and Dragons 5e? RPGCircus Downtime Between Adventure, Is there a D&D 5ed in the Future?, and the Gamer Stereotype.

[8/26/2011] Flying Polyps RPGCircus When a character is the Problem, Game : Edge of Midnight and HP Lovecraft’s influence on RPGs.

[6/16/2011] There be Dragons here! RPGCircus Our Views on the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG Beta, Dragons as Pets, Cohorts, and Mounts and Investigative Games – Moving Goalposts and Changing Endpoints.

[6/13/2011] Homebrew Settings, Pawns and Board Games Dungeon Master’s Round Table Lots of topics.

[6/2/2011] So how do you say ‘Drow’ anyway? RPGCircus Why Drow Need to Eat Babies, Using Leads instead of Clues in Gaming and Legal Systems in Game Settings

[5/5/2011] So a Guy Walks up to You in a Bar RPGCircus Environment, the number of players at the table and patrons.

[4/22/2011] Don’t Forget Your Companions RPGCircus Archetypes, NPC Companions and Games within Games.

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