Player Options

Items, feats, themes and the like.

[5/09/2013] Dazzler Marvel Datafile StufferShack She blinded me with mutant disco! [MarvelRPG]

[12/18/2012] The Curiosities of Volvyagrad Kobold Press Magical items only found in gnomish shops of Midgard. [4e]

[11/9/2012] Modern Assembly: Wingman Theme StufferShack Options for characters who thrive when paired with others. [4e]

[11/7/2012] Modern Assembly: Mechanic Theme StufferShack We don’t just fix things, we make them better. [4e]

[10/26/2012] Modern Assembly: Analyst Theme StufferShack Theme for detectives and other strategic characters. [4e]

[10/18/2012] Bishop StufferShack Time travelling mutant cop savior! [MarvelRPG]

[8/29/2012] Marvel Girl StufferShack She’s a Summers, she’s the Phoenix, but she is not Jean Grey. [MarvelRPG]

[8/16/2012] Captain Britain StufferShack The classic UK Hero is ready to come crashing into your game whether with Excalibur, the Avengers or his own Corps. [MarvelRPG]

[8/10/2012] Quicksilver StufferShack It’s Scarlet Witch’s brother, Magneto’s son, and all around jerk. [MarvelRPG]

[8/9/2012] Scarlet Witch StufferShack A classic Avenger ripe for building that Doom Pool. [MarvelRPG]

[7/26/2012] Modern Backgrounds StufferShack Backgrounds so you can get awesome Modern skills for your Modern Assembly characters. [4e]

[7/13/2013] Modern Assembly: the Academic Theme StufferShack A new bookish hero theme for your modern games. [4e]

[7/4/2012] Iceman Editable Datafile StufferShack One of the first X-Men, and definitively the coolest. [MarvelRPG]

[6/25/2012] Sauron – Distinctions and Milestones StufferShack Everything you need to make a PC datatfile from the Watcher file. [MarvelRPG]

[6/13/2012] Cloak – Marvel Editable Datafile StufferShack The mutant with a built in portal to the darkforce dimension. [MarvelRPG]

[5/18/2012] Silver Samurai – Marvel Editable Datafile StufferShack A fully stated villain to hero conversion. [MarvelRPG]

[5/10/2012] Another Doctor for Marvel Gamer Assembly The Doctor is a legit part of the Marvel universe. Now add him to your game. [MarvelRPG]

[4/26/2012] Science Skill – Modern Assembly Gamer Assembly The final skill for Modern Assembly covering current knowledge sets and computer use. [4e]

[4/25/2012] Deadpool – Marvel Editable Datafile StufferShack The Merc with a Mouth for Marvel. Built to be serious and funny. [MarvelRPG]

[4/19/2012] Mechanics Skill – Modern Assembly Gamer Assembly The first skill for Modern Assembly covering machines, repair and vehicle use. [4e]

[3/30/2012] Thor – Marvel Editable Datafile StufferShack The hero Thor for the Marvel RPG, complete with a word editable datafile. [MarvelRPG]

[3/28/2012] Firearms and Other Weapons Gamer Assembly Modern Weapons for Modern Assembly, because you need chainsaws and machines guns to fight dragons. [4e]

[3/22/2012] Faceman Theme Gamer Assembly The first theme for Modern Assembly plays with fast talkers and generally charming heroes. [4e]

[2/13/2012] Gnoll Racial Powers StufferShack Racial Utility Powers to make your gnoll PC more feral throughout the tiers. [4e]

[1/26/2012] Way of the Werewolf: Feats for your Lycanthrope Kobold Quarterly As a follow up to my article in Kobold Quarterly #19, this article features three tiers of feats to customize your werewolf PC. [4e]

[1/19/2012] How to Train your Dragon Mount StufferShack Player options on how to get their own dragon to ride! [4e]

[12/5/2011]Tema Vampiro RedeRPG The same theme linked below, but translated into Portuguese. [4e]

[11/30/2011] Vampire Theme StufferShack Using the options already available in Heroes of Shadow I re-purpose the class as a theme. [4e]

[11/2/2011] Charmed Hero StufferShack For those that have adventure thrust upon them, the charmed hero may be just what you need. [4e]

[11/2/2011] Doctor (W)hats StufferShack It’s the doctor’s headgear that give him real power. [4e]

[9/1/2011 and 9/22/2011] Septime Lancers Part 1 and Part 2 KoboldQuarterly A new theme based around the Midgard order, gives players new options, especially while mounted. [4e]

[5/30/2011] Psychic Paper StufferShack The Doctor’s well known get out of jail free card, now for heroic level PCs. [4e]

[5/9/2011] Serpent Student StufferShack Dark Sun style theme showcasing a snake based martial arts style. [4e]

[7/15/2010] Oathbound: Spellblind II Free Orcs The Spellblind Protector is a new Paragon Path that gives continued options to those pledged against magic. [4e]

[7/9/2010] Orc Feats Free Orcs Three new heroic feats to help expand the options of an orc PC. [4e]

[7/6/2010] Oathbound: Spellblind Free Orcs Series of feats representing someone who has sworn against the evils of magic. [4e]

[11/12/2009] Reworking the Duergar Free Orcs A new racial power and some feats for the grey dwarves. Here’s a race I enjoyed in 3.X and didn’t understand all the changes that came with 4th. [4e]

[8/12/2008] Burad (Race) Level Up to 4th Edition A small dragonoid race I employ as the tinkerers of my home campaign. [3.5/4e]

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