World Building

Cities, tables, groups and everything else that’s more flavor than mechanic.

[3/12/2012] Modern Complications Gamer Assembly A table of 50 complications for modern settings, inspired by Marvel’s Opportunity system.

[3/1/2012] Wealth: Cash and Assets Gamer Assembly A look at separating equipment and story rewards for Modern Assembly. [4e]

[2/20/2012] Modern Assembly: A 4e Hack Gamer Assembly Introduction to our new modern project where we present an expansion to the 4e ruleset, designed to allow you to play modern games. [4e]

[2/10/2012] What’s Behind this door? Tables for your RPG Gamer Assembly Quick tables for generating rooms and interesting features of said room.

[1/21/2012] 3 Generations After the End: Technology is Magic Gamer Assembly Thoughts on a technological priesthood and how to use a divine class in a new light.

[1/14/2012] 3 Generations after the End: The Races Gamer Assembly Advice on working in non-human races into the post apocalyptic setting of 3 Generations after the End, built for any system.

[5/16/2011] Plot Heavy Patrons – Snakes  StufferShack Three powerful serpent patrons for your PCs or just to fill out your world. [4e]

[3/29/2011] House Redclaw KoboldQuarterly A simple merchant family, or so much more? Fantastic background for any system.

[7/12/2010] Map of Grand Hall Free Orcs Two large maps, one with a key and one without, detailing a large city living with a reduced population.

[10/1/2009] Quick Tavern Tables Free Orcs Tables to help you create a quick and interesting tavern.

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