Blinded by the GenCon!

First, a quick posting announcement. Dazzler is now up as a Marvel Datafile on She’s pretty much the Jem of the X-Men.


I am currently scheduled to be in three places during GenCon 2013. What’s even better you can buy tickets to these wonderful events!

Getting Started in the Industry: Freelancing and Self-Publishing

Thursday from 2-3:30 PM

One of the questions that gets asked a lot is how to get started in the industry. Our panel of Freelancers and self-publishers will take your questions and swap stories from their own perspective. Wether its pitching your ideas to publishers, answering a call, or trying to decide between kickstarter or bootstrap production, we’ll share our experience on getting our name in print. Prospective panelists include Brian A Liberge (Beer Star Games, Kobold Press, Raging Swan Productions), Tracy Hurley (Kobold Press, Wizards of the Coast), Matt James (Kobold Press, Paizo, Wizards of the Coast), Jerry LeNeave (Kobold Press, SVD Press, Obsidian Portal) and Phil Menard (Kobold Press, Margaret Weis Productions, Wizards of the Coast).


Midgard: The Iron Secret

Saturday from 9 AM to 1 PM

The Canton of Melana is ruled by two great censors, elected every five years. The kobold Vinzlo was appointed censor in the most recent elections, a position traditionally held by a dwarf. Whispers of unrest have kept the capitol on edge throughout the winter. With campaign season fast approaching, some wonder if the dwarves will keep their hammers and crossbows pointed outside the city walls. Can this ragtag band of heroes find the real secret of the city of iron before the blood fills the city streets?


Midgard: The Lost Wonders of Caelmarath

Saturday from 2-6 PM

The Wasted West is a thriving cesspool for strange adventures. The Waste Walkers, giant aberrations summoned from another world, do battle at a snails pace above a desolate landscape. Goblins roam in outlandish clans, twisted by eking out an existence in spell-scarred wasteland. Ruins of the old magocracies lie abandoned among the sand. Any who find even a lone tower buried in the sand would recover wondrous artifacts of untold worth. Heroes are not the only ones who seek out the power of Caelmarath. The eccentric Dust Diggers also dream of its power and guard their dig sites with violent diligence. The Waste Walker of alien crystal, Kb’r’ck, has reached the base of the tower in secret and continues its slow entombment of the arcane halls. (Dungeon World, Lvl 1)


You may notice a distinct lack of Pulp! on this schedule. Well that’s why I’ve given myself copious free time! After a couple of interesting experiences with running official scheduled games last year, I decided that it may not be the right thing to do for Pulp! this year. I will be camped out in either the Games On Demand or UnPub room one day, and I’ll announce that as soon as I know.

If you want to make sure you get a game of something drop me a line. Same thing goes for interviews, podcasts, beer gettings and the like.

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